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Heralds of Good News is a Missionary Society of Apostolic Life, started in Eluru diocese, India on 14 October 1984; it became an Institute of Pontifical Right on May 5, 1999. The specific aim of the Society is the promotion of vocations to priesthood, the training of seminarians and the supply of zealous and hardworking missionaries to the dioceses in India and abroad which experience a shortage of priests due to the lack of local vocations.

As part of reorganization of the Society, three provinces including the Mother Theresa Province, were erected in August, 2008. The First Provincial Assembly, which took place from 20th to 23rd August, 2008, elected the provincial team headed by Rev. Dr. Mathew Kallikatt. The province was inaugurated by His Ex. Most Rev. Agnelo Gracias on October 1, 2008 at Heralds College, Chatrapur, Odisha, which is the present Provincialate.

Bifurcation of the Province:

The Province was bifurcated and a new province (St. John Paul II Province) was carved out from the Mother Theresa Province in May 2011. Rev. Dr. Mathew Kallikatt was elected as Provincial of the residual Province during the Provincial Assembly held at the Provincialate from 18th to 20th August 2011. During the Provincial Assembly held at the Provincialate from 17th to 21st August 2014, Rev. Dr. Jose Madapattu was elected as Provincial. The Provincial Team headed by Rev. Dr. Mathew Kallikatt, was elected during the Provincial Assembly held at the Provincialate from 17th to 21st August 2017. the Present Provincial Administration Headed  by Rev Fr. Roy George was elected on 21 July 2021.  The Mother Theresa Province has 73 permanently professed members of which 69 are priests, working in different dioceses in India and abroad.

Mother Theresa Province’s Vision Statement :

The Mother Theresa Province is entrusted with the special mandate of expanding our mission in North India, besides catering to the dioceses abroad which ask for its priests.The area covered by the Province is vast and varied in the language and culture.

So our vision statement is “To live our call as Heralds with Apostolic availability, adaptability and openness, relying on divine providence and the intercession of our Heavenly Patrons and in imitation of our Provincial Patron’s Love for the poor and the needy”.



Our Mission Activities:

To promote better and more efficient apostolate in Northern region of India, our province decided to spread its activities to North and North East India where the presence of missionaries are very much needed.

  • Formation Programme
  • Care for the Children
  • Education
  • Care for the Poor
  • Youth Ministry
  • Care for the Aged

The states, where the Province is doing ministry:

 Assam,  Jharkhand, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh,  Odisha, Punjab, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh.

Today the members of the Province are working in 10 dioceses in India to be more fruitful by trying their very best to contribute towards the growth of Catholic Church. The Province is actively involving in the following activities in order to realize the vision of the Province.

 Presence in the Dioceses and the Ministries in India

  • Berhampur, Odisha : Provincialate, Formation House and Higher Secondary School.
  • Bhopal: Pastoral Ministry and Formation.
  • Bongaigaon, Assam : Pastoral  Ministry and Community College.
  • Dumka, Jharkhand :  Pastoral Ministry and School.
  • Ernakulam-Angamaly: Transit House.
  • Jhansi : Minor Seminary and  School.
  • Jalandhar: Pastoral Ministry.
  • Khammam, Telangana State : Pastoral Ministry, Social Development Activities, Tailoring Centre, Orphanage and Hostel
  • Ranchi, Jharkhand : Pastoral Ministry.
  • Thalasserry: Vocation Promotion Centre.

 The Overseas Dioceses where the Province is Present

  • Australia : Broken Bay, Bunbury, Rockhampton
  • Canada : Toronto, Vancouver
  • Italy :  Fano, Genova,Chiavari, La Spezia, Novara
  • New Zealand : Palmerston North
  • USA : Fort Worth, Lake Charles, Lexington, Ogdensburg, Wheeling-Charleston







MAJOR SEMINARIES (For all Provinces together)

  1. St. Joseph’s Major Seminary, Khammam, Telangana State (Institute of Theology)
  2. St. John’s Major Seminary, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh (Institute of Philosophy)
  3. Heralds Spiritual Orientation Centre, Kurukkuru, Andhra Pradesh

MINOR SEMINARY of the Province

  1. Heralds Bhavan, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh


  1. Good News School, Aswaraopet, Telangana State
  2. St. Joseph's School, Jetekedurgapur, Jharkhand
  3. Heralds High School, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh
  4. St. Jude's Higher Secondary School, Chatrapur, Odisha


  1. Good News Hostel & Orphanage, Aswaraopet, Telangana State
  2. Heralds College, Chatrapur, Odisha


  1. Aswaraopet, Telangana State, Queen of Apostles Church
  2. Jetkedurgapur, Jharkhand, St. Joseph's Church
  3. Dighiya, Jharkhand, R.C. Mission


  1. Tailoring Centre, Aswaraopet, Telangana State




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