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Care for the Poor

The People to whom we are ministering are landless agricultural labourers who live by hand to mouth. The tribals mostly depend on the products of forest like wild honey, firewood, etc. for their livelihood. Though there is a minimum wage fixed by the Government, the unscruplous landlords and contractors deny them their rightful wages. Many a time, they also become victims of money lenders and get attracted to anti-social elements. Due to malnutrition and hard work, they suffer from tuberculosis, anemia, etc. Also due to poor habitation they suffer from malaria, jaundice, typhoid and other communicable disceases. Most of the people are unhealthy and have a shorter life span. Child-mortality, premature deaths, post and pre-natal diseases are common among them.

The poor living conditions have made them despondent. Addiction to country liquor is another evil of this society. Other issues are land disputes, naxal (extremists) menace and poverty. Their struggle for survival often ends up in defeat and despair. Though the Government has a lot of programs for their welfare and development, very often, they do not produce the desired result.

It is an endeavor of the Province to take care of the these disadvantaged section of people especially the poor, widows and physically challenged by providing basic faciliities for livelihood like Shelter, Food, Water and Education.

Activities undertaken by the Province to enhace the life situation of the people in our mission stations are:

  1. Providing a small house for the homeless and the poor.
  2. Sinking a bore well for providing protected water supply for a village.
  3. Providing a sewing machine to the poor family or a poor widow to fend for themselves.
  4. Conducting free medical camps regularly.
  5. Providing bicycles to daily labourers and vendors.
  6. Empowering Women and Self-help Groups.

Small House for a Poor Family

Sewing Machine to a Poor Family

To Provide Drinking Water


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