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  • October 16, 2003: The blessing and inauguration of the retreat centre at Nanguneri, Tamil Nadu.
  • December 28, 2003: The extraordinary General Assembly convoked
  • December 29, 2003: The blessing and inauguration of the extension blocks of St.John’s Seminary, Nidadavole
  • April 26 - 30, 2004: The extraordinary General Assembly. The Constitution is amended with the provision for the members to opt for the province of their choice. The Assembly decided to erect 3 provinces (South West, South East and North)
  • June 2004: Blessing & Inauguration of Heralds College, Chatrapur, Orissa
  • June 24, 2004: Blessing & Inauguration of St. Mary’s Minor Seminary at Karunapuram, Kerala
  • July 31, 2004: The Holy See approves the amended Constitutions.
  • July 2005: First Missionaries to Canada
  • November 18, 2005: The blessing and Inauguration of the extension block of Khammam Seminary
  • July 2006: Blessing & Inauguration of Good News Retreat Centre, Pampady, Kerala
  • October 2006: First Missionaries to Holland
  • November 26, 2006: The Pontifical Commiserate begins
  • August 2008: The erection of the three provinces and the election of the Provincial Administrations: St. Paul's Province (12th - 14th August), Queen of Apostles Province ( 16th - 19th August), Mother Theresa Province (20th - 23rd August).
  • August 22, 2008: Agrement with Missionaries of Compassion for the sharing of Property.
  • October 1, 2008: Inauguration of Mother Theresa Province
  • October 8, 2008: Inauguration of St. Paul Province
  • October 11, 2008: Inauguration of Queen of Apostles Province
  • January 19 - 24, 2009: The General Assembly celebrated and the new General Administration is elected. Rev. Fr. A. Francis - Superior General, Rev. Fr. Adackamundackal Joseph (Shaji) - Assistant Superior General, Rev. Frs. Poovannikumthottiyil Joseph (Saji Sebastian), A. Charles Savarimuthu, Adattu Nixon - Councilors, Rev. Fr. Dung Dung Nirdosh - Procurator General, Rev. Fr. Pachigolla Christuraju - Secretary General.
  • May 19, 2009: Pontifical Commiserate comes to an end
  • August 15, 2009: The Holy See approves the amended constitutions
  • October 14, 2009: The Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Foundation of HGN at the Mother House at Kurukkuru
  • January 31, 2011: General Forum
  • May 5, 2011: Bifurcation of Mother Theresa Province and Erection of New Province ( Blessed John Paul - II Province)




Late Rev. Dr. Jose Kaimlett
Founder of Heralds of Good News

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Vice Provincial
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Rev. Fr. Jeremias Tigga
Rev. Fr. Nibin Alakkalathil
Rev. Fr. Jose Kaniyankunnel
Provincial Treasurer
Rev. Fr. Kanjirakattu Sebastian Joseph
Provincial Secretary
Rev. Fr. Lakra Ajit


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