Our Provincial Priests who died in the service of Christ at the call of God by rendering their valuable services as preachers of Christ in the Province



Rev. Fr. Kozhikkadan Joseph 


Date Birth: 13.02.1974

Date of Ordination: 27.12.2004

Death: 08.06.2006

Rev. Fr. Pottananiyil Antony Joseph

(Antony Joseph)

Date of Birth: 31.08.1974

Date of First Profession: 09.06.2003

Date of Final Profession: 05.04.2006

Date of Ordination: 27.12.2006

Death: 27. 03.2014

Rev. Fr. Plathottam Joseph

(Jose Plathottam)


Dae of Birth: 14.11.1939,

Date of First Profession: 19.12.1991

Date of Final Profession: 19.12.1991

Date of Ordination: 19.12.1969,

Death: 07.08.2014

Rev. Fr. Alakalathil Joseph

(Nibin Sebastian)


Date of Birth: 23.03.1985

Date of First Profession: 06.06.2008

Date of Final Profession: 07.05.2011

Date of Ordination: 08.05.2012

Death: 20.05.2021